Why Partner with us?

Many people partner with us because we have the experience, contacts and business acumen needed to help realise their full business potential. By partnering with us we help to ensure your business and lifestyle become exponentially better off. See some of the businesses we have helped in the past.


Equity Partners has access to an impressive panel of experts from a diverse range of fields, built up over many years of joint business success and networking. We look at investing in businesses for a variety of reasons including the buying of plant and equipment, setup of new branches, licensing and franchising, researching different markets, feasibility tenders for large contracts, fit-out upgrades, internal software, web development and automation, overseas growth, indents and even paying down immediate debt commitments caused from unforeseen circumstances. 

In previous deals we have invested from as little as $15000 to $1.2M and are open to invest and help for the right partnership.

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